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Waterman's Orchard Park, Brentford​

Conversion of riverside west London park into edible and recreational landscape. The park would include a food centre and an apiary as an educational resource for food production, cultivation, cuisine and retail for local people as well as a restaurant and cafe. This would be located in the existing arts centre working closely with the staff of Kew Gardens across the River Thames.

Terraced plateaus of traditional apple, pear, quince, cherry and nut species will be introduced with a soft fruit terrace. The apiary will support the pollination of the fruit trees. Micro spaces for play, seating and amenity grassed areas will be provided for recreation along a new boardwalk. The High Street would be submerged under a cut and fill mound to create a new pedestrianised space above linking river to residential areas with meadow mounds and a mulberry tree avenue.

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